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We are Coffee roaster and Manufacturer since 1957. We source the best coffee beans from the best of locations in and around Karnataka in India. These plantations are carefully chosen through a strict selection process to ensure that the beans are of the best quality and the topography of the region contributes to the best varieties of Coffee.  A coffee with good mouth feel is no good without aroma or aftertaste. So mouth feel, aroma, aftertaste, good crema, acidity, smoothness & bitterness plays important role in coffee. That is the reason we cup each lot of coffee before buying and blend the different selected coffees to perfection. We have different varieties of Coffee products for retail and institutional customers. Among which we are famous for Filter Coffee which has a large fan following in Maharashtra & other regions.

We also import coffee of different origins like Jamaican Blue Mountain, Sumatra, Costa Rica, Kenya, Colombian, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Brazil etc.

We are very particular that our customers only receive the best coffees with exceptional body and flavour and thereby take extra care in all the process that a bean goes through in its excursion to the bag. Coffee roasting process requires specialised equipment and special techniques to yields best quality coffee beans with distinctive flavour.

We partner with many of the finest cafe’s, restaurants, hotels, and offices to provide their guests and employees with a coffee drinking experience unlike any other. Connect with us to discuss and learn how our dedication to roasting, and delivering India’s finest coffees can elevate your coffee program exceptional levels.

Coffee Roasting


While roasting the coffees, the company recognises that the coffee beans undergo a lot of transformation. They change colour, become lighter, increase in volume and acquire more aroma.

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Coffee Grinding


The degree of grinding – fine, medium or coarse alters the coffee’s resistance to the flow of water influencing the extraction speed. The roast and ground coffees are prepared in various apparatus resulting in the final sensory characteristics of the beverage in the cup.

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01 Pure Coffee

Medium roasted blend of Arabica and Robusta coffees in a balanced proportion for a superior aroma and taste for the pleasure of all pure filter coffee lovers.

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02 Canteen Coffee

The product is ideal for hotels / caterers who want a 80:20 combination of coffee and chicory. The blend provides good yield with a stronger & darker colour cup.

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03 French Coffee

Chicory was first used by France as a coffee substitute to meet the growing demands of coffee. Chicory does’t have any caffeine.

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04 Roasted Coffee Beans – 100% Arabica

Arabica coffee beans are best in all aspects like flavour, aroma, crema etc Arabica coffee plants are more sensitive to temperature and handling.

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05 Roasted Coffee Beans – Espresso

It’s a concentrated coffee with fuller flavour , high crema , longer aftertaste when brewed. Espresso roast with an extra bold taste and mild chocolaty flavour.

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06 Roasted Coffee Beans- Monsoon Malabar

Looking for a special cup of coffee – something different and unique? Monsoon coffees are Strong and robust.

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07 Instant Coffee

Made from high quality coffee beans in 70:30 ( Coffee : Chicory) ratio. Today everything must be easy and it must not take time instant Coffee.

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08 Imported Coffee

We source the best green coffee from different origins in the world and roast it with precision. We have Coffees imported from Jamaica – Blue Mountain etc

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09 Green Coffee

It is made from pure, fresh and finest unroasted and untreated coffee beans. The green coffee  contains chlorogenic acid.

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436, Raviwar Peth, Behind Hotel Yatrik, Opp. Railway booking office , Pune – 411002.

Opening Hours: 09:00am to 01:00pm & 2:30pm to 6:00 pm